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Highlight key Product Insights important to your customers.

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Data specific to customer's account.

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Sample Questions
List top 5 countries by revenue.
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Show me the revenue from Greece based on gender.
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Compare the revenue between Germany and Poland.
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How it works


And furthermore, you can make AI Analytics
a new revenue engine for your business!

Note: Leading companies such as Microsoft and Hubspot are acknowledging the value of Analytics Copilots for their tools, even pricing them at up to 30$ per agent.


What exactly does Neuralmind do?
Neuralmind is an AI Copilot embed that seamlessly integrates into your software or website and provides your customers with Product analytics for your Software.

You can define the most important insights to be published to a user's dashboard as well as let your users query their own data in natural language.

Will my data or metadata be used to train third party LLM providers like ChatGPT, LLama etc?

No. Protecting user data is fundamental to our mission. We do not provide any third party model with your data or metadata at any point in the process for training their AI models. More.

Does Neuralmind use my Database?

We only execute read queries or use our data warehouse for analytics; we don't modify, alter, or update your database.

How secure is my data when using Neuralmind?

Constructed with paramount emphasis on customer data security, Neuralmind exercises rigorous controls and safeguards over all user data. Moreover, we are diligently working towards achieving industry-standard certifications such as SOC2.

How well does Neuralmind's AI model scale?

Our solution is engineered to be exceptionally scalable, capable of managing inquiries from numerous sources simultaneously. There aren't strict limits on the number of responses it can provide.

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